Extra activities at the partners schools concerning this Project

Greece: skiing at PARNASSOS

Greece - Belgium : 2nd Skype session 8/4/2011

Belgium - Greece: 2nd Skype session

8 april 2011

Project Water
Last year we worked on the theme of heathy food and exercise.
This year the theme of our project was WATER.
The hole school worked on it during2 weeks. They learned how important water is for
the body.Here you will see a slide of the project in the kindergarten from Oudenburg.

This slide is from the children of 7-8 years old! Water makes them ...

This slide is from the small children from Ettelgem.

Skype with Kindergarten of Kaparelli
skypesession between theVBS Heilige Familie Oudenburg
and the Kindergarten of Kaparelli. The children learned to know each other, they sang and even danced.

Children from 1st and 5th grade worked together. They played outdoor games and picked lingonberries. Then they prepared traditional Finnish lingonberry quark. After that the pupils got to know other cultures, starting with Sicily.... And of course it was time for PIZZA!

"We cook healthy Greek recipes"
Students from 5th & 6th level prepare a Greek menu: Starter, main course and dessert.

'My visit to Portadown'-Northern Ireland.
One of our teachers have been in http://www.seagoeprimary.co.uk/, during 3 weeks. Here you have an article about it. We think It can be interesting.

"We visit the marketplace"
Escola Jacint Verdaguer's 4th year students visit the local marketplace

Our Best wishes ALL and thanks the partners who sent us their wonderful Christmas Cards..

Here is the article our pupils wrote about the visit of the European teachers to our school.


Human food pyramid
Students from 11 to 13- Junior High School


Sports at School: Pupils and Teachers planned a Week of Sport activities
Day1: Planning and discussing about the 'health-e-living' week

2nd weekof April 2010Kindergarten of Kaparelli

Day2: At the Zoo-walking and watching
Day3: At the stadium: Sports for all

Day4: At the school: Badminton and Basketball
Day5: On the Hill: Climbing and exploring nature

"a Dentist at our school"Pupils learn all about oral health in a cross curriculum way